The main product of the plant OOO “Ukrspecizvest-pererabotka” (Limited Liability Company) is a ball quicklime, which is used in steel and ferroalloy productions. Also, lime produced by OOO “Ukrspecizvest-pererabotka” (Limited Liability Company) is used in the chemical, construction, and agricultural industries. This material is indispensable for the smelting of high-alloy steels and various alloys in the conditions of a modern metallurgical enterprise. Depending on the customer’s needs, the products are delivered in different fractions: ball 0-80 mm (options are available within these limits) and ground 0-0. 08 mm. Its shipment, in turn, is carried out both by road and by rail.


In the process of re-profiling the enterprise in 2010, large-scale technical work was carried out on it to increase productivity, modernize and repair equipment. This determined the current state of the plant OOO “Ukrspecizvest-pererabotka”(Limited Liability Company). Today, the company is one of the largest in its industry, a recognized national producer of lime in Ukraine. It is distinguished from many other productions by some important features:

  • modern kiln provides high quality high-temperature processing of raw materials, automated limestone supply and shipment of finished products, operational current control and effective process management;
  • in comparison with many other enterprises of the industry, the plant of OOO “Ukrspecizvest-pererabotka” (Limited Liability Company) has improved the system of dosage and weighing of charge materials to ensure a constant composition of lime at the output;
  • special equipment performs grinding of ball lime in compliance with all requirements for products of various fractions.
  • multi-level quality control of lime.

Lime production is accompanied by constant technological control and laboratory tests, as provided for by industry specifications and recommendations. The quality of the finished product is confirmed by accompanying documents that the customer receives with a batch of goods of any volume.


The plant OOO “Ukrspecizvest-pererabotka” (Limited Liability Company) has access to railway communication and highways for cargo transport, which allows to ensure the delivery of products to the consumer in any of these ways. Gubinikha station of the Pridneprovskaya railway (code 452206) is located on the Dnepropetrovsk-Kirovograd highway. This makes it possible to plan the delivery of lime both in the Southern and Central, and in the Northern and Western regions of Ukraine.

Special mention should be made of the social infrastructure of the plant OOO “Ukrspecizvest-pererabotka” (Limited Liability Company), which was under threat after the shutdown of the sugar plant. Taking into account the most important regional and city-forming importance of the enterprise, the termination of production threatened serious consequences for the Gubinikha town, which has a population of about 6000 people. To date, the national producer of lime, the plant OOO “Ukrspecizvest-pererabotka”(Limited Liability Company) operates at full capacity, providing residents of the settlement with jobs and fulfilling their social obligations.

The Head of the production of the enterprise is Oleg Sekatsky, the technical director is Nikolay Sagan. For questions related to the purchase of plant products, you can contact the specialists of the group of companies “Ukrspecizvest” in Dnipro: by phone, e-mail, or directly in the office. For more information about how to contact representatives of the company, see the “Contacts” page on this site.


Dnepropetrovsk region, Novomoskovsky district,
Gubinikha town, Beregovogo str., 1
T: +3 8‎0 56 934 97 73
Head of production: Oleg Antonovich Sekatsky