• protection from insect pests
  • protection from pathogenic fungi
  • protection of the bark from sunburn
  • increases resistance to frost and sudden temperature changes
  • available in 1.5 kg and 4kg packages

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The garden requires constant attention and one of the most important agricultural practices is the care of tree bark. The bark is the first one experiences temperature fluctuations, freezes, gets sunburns, cracks, is affected by bark beetles, gets rough, flakes off for natural reasons, and therefore requires constant care. The weakening of the bark leads to a strong weakening and leads to the premature death of trees and shrubs.

Before you start whitewashing trees, you need to disinfect them and close up the wounds. For disinfection, you can use 3-5% (300-500 g per 10 liters of water) solution of copper sulfate and other copper — containing drugs-Bordeaux mixture, HOM, OXY, Abiga-pic. For sealing wounds, clay chatterbox, garden var and garden paste are suitable.

It is necessary to whitewash both young seedlings and adult plants. The main whitewash is carried out in autumn, in October-November. The second one in the spring (in late February-early March). You can renew the whitewash in the summer, although it is not necessarily. You need to whiten the trunks and lower skeletal branches by 1/3 or even half the length.

Having done all the procedures correctly, you can reliably protect your garden and your crop.