The main activity of the plant OOO “Kupyanskspec-pererabotka” (Limited Liability Company) is the production of lime corresponding to TC U 26.5-00193714-042-2001 and DSTU BV 2.7-90-99 (Ukrainian standards). Such products are widely used in metallurgy, construction, chemical industry, household, water treatment at thermal power plants. Modern crushing equipment allows supplying the market with lime of various fractions: ball 40-80mm. (options are possible) and ground 0-0. 08 mm. Such a range, on the one hand, the productivity of production lines, on the other, allows us to meet the various needs of the customer both in terms of volume and fractional composition.

Lime produced by the plant OOO “Kupyanskspeс-pererabotka” (Limited Liability Company) is delivered in bulk or in big-bags weighing up to 1.5 tons, which makes it possible to choose the most convenient format for the buyer to deliver products by road or rail.


In 2009-2010, the plant “Kupyanskspeс-pererabotka” underwent a complete modernization of equipment at all stages of the production process, which turned a previously unprofitable sugar mill into a successful industrial enterprise. This easily explains the fact that today the plant in Kupyansk is a national producer of lime (Ukraine) of national significance. Special attention should be paid to the following production features that determine the quality of products, their range and shipment possibilities:

  • the reconstructed kiln ensures high productivity and automatic loading/unloading with minimal staff involvement;
  • improved re-seeding station allows improving the quality of raw materials, and, consequently, the quality of finished products;
  • the system of constant control over the weighing and dosage of charge materials reduces to zero the risk of getting lime with a composition that does not meet regulatory requirements;
  • a modern lime crusher and a vibrating screen ensure the production of lime of various fractions;
  • the plant operates a high-performance big-bag packaging line for shipping packaged and pre-weighed products to the customer
  • lime quality control.

The company pays special attention to quality control issues. Quick monitoring of product parameters is carried out by specially trained staff using modern sensors and devices that are equipped with a kiln. In parallel with the technological control, laboratory tests of finished lime, raw materials, and fuel are carried out in accordance with the requirements of industry standards. The laboratory of the plant OOO “Kupyanskspec-pererabotka” (LLC) has a certificate for testing lime, which makes it possible not to doubt the reliability of quality control in production. In confirmation of the declared characteristics, each batch of products shipped to the consumer is accompanied by a quality document.


The “Kupyanskspec-pererabotka” plant has a developed railway and automobile communication, which allows us to ship lime in a way that will be convenient for the customer. The railway station of dispatch is “Zaoscole” of the southern railway (code 431905).

The lime production is located in the city of Kupyansk, Kharkiv region, and the position of the head of the production is occupied by Sergey Protsenko Mikhailovich. You can contact representatives of the group of companies “Ukrspecizvest” regarding the purchase of material in the Dnepropetrovsk office of the company, by phone or e-mail, which are given in the “Contacts” section and in the page title.


Kharkiv region, Kupyansky district,
Kupyansk, Frunze str., 3
T: +3 80 574 25 17 31
Head of the production: Sergey Protsenko Mikhailovich